Glow in the Dark Ultra Boost Stripes (Laces not included)


*Fits most Ultra Boost 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, S&L, and DNA shoe models. Please understand the material is only compatible on rubber, plastic, leather surfaces and will not adhere will to cloth, mesh, or suede.

Design and Customize your Ultra Boost to STAND OUT with our precision cut adhesive Boosted Stripes. Packaged with instructions and easily installed in under 15 minutes with a hair dryer or heat gun! Our adhesives are very similar to high performance vinyl used on automobiles and are much more durable than a sticker.

  • Premium Heat/Pressure Activated Materials
  • Precision Fitment
  • Fully Removable (just heat them again!)
  • Durable to withstand all weather conditions with a minimum life of 4-6 months

What’s Included

  • 12 Cage Stripes for Ultra Boost
  • 4 Heel Cup Covers for Ultra Boost
  • 16 Lace Hole Covers for Ultra Boost
*Please note that some accessories may not be compatible, for example, the heel cup covers will not work on the suede S&L Ultra Boost, but the stripes and lace hole covers are game changing! We suggest using the heel cup covers on another pair or giving them to a friend!
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What customers are saying


Such an easy way to switch up my daily AF1's, now I like them even more!

Brad P.
Albemarle, NC

Amazing product Amazing price Amazing results!! Thanks Chris!!

Scott W.

This gave me an easy way to make the three stripes stand out and make my sneakers pop. Very happy with this set and have 2 more.

Conor S.
Los Angeles, CA

Love how my custom sneakers turned out, installation took me about 20 minutes and the installation kit was a big help!

Jodie H.
Billings, MT

Just wanted something simple, really happy with the white stripes. I will probably try a pattern next time.

Sean R.
Charlotte, NC

Had to customize the rest of my collection after I tried my first set, they have held up great!

Ryan S.
New York, NY

Doubled up the laces since I got the bundle and haven't seen anyone do this before!

Sam E.
Madison, Wi

They look too good not to show off. I bought these NMDs just to add these stripes and laces when I saw an ad online.

Nick W.
Dallas, TX

Customized my new kicks today and am hyped with how they turned out!

Sean H.
Philadelphia, PA

Transform the look of your sneakers with custom adhesive wraps and shoelaces.


Peel, stick, and heat to apply. Heat and peel to remove. No residue left behind.


3M adhesive materials activated by a heat gun or hair dryer. Six months average wear, removable at any time.


Engineered to fit your sneakers. Easily adjusted to fit on different model shoes.


Manufactured to be worn through any weather condition. Hand wash to clean when necessary.

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