Custom, Partnership, and Wholesale Inquiries

Custom inquires

Custom Inquires have three categories -

  1. 1. A totally new design you'd like to have created for yourself on products currently offered by Boosted Stripes.
  3. 2. A custom design/pattern for a group order for a team, event, etc.
  5. 3. A totally new product, for a different sneaker, that we don't currently offer.



At Boosted Stripes we are devoted to creating the newest and most unique products to accessorize your street style. We love to partner with brands big and small in order to bring a new outlook on what can be done with your own creativity. Some of the things we look for in partnering brands are their uniqueness, their values, and how they interact with customers.


Looking to place a bulk order for your online or retail store? Boosted Stripes has a wholesale minimum for resale of 100 units. If you are looking to place a bulk order for other purposes, Boosted Stripes is willing to decided on a case by case basis for orders of 50-99 units.


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