New About Us

We are two guys from Chicago, all under the age of 25, aiming to innovate and disrupt the 80 billion dollar sneaker industry. Different backgrounds, different styles, and different skills that are driven together by our passion for sneakers and personal expression. We want you to stand out, we want you to be able to express yourself, we want you to feel confident...



Meet The Team 

Chris NardiHe makes our world go round. Day to day operations, he's on it, new product, he's on it, any issues with your order, he's on it. Ever message the Instagram or send us an email? Chances are, you're talking to him. Chris values the opinion of our customers more than anyone and aims to put our company in the best light possible. The relationships we hold with our customers and influencers/sponsors are of tremendous value to us, and Chris makes sure you know that. Chris is 24 and graduated with a degree in Economics and Mathematics from Indiana University. He decided to take the path less traveled straight out of school to partner with Dillon Dejesus, in creating what is now, "Dejesus Custom Footwear." Chris now runs Boosted Stripes Full Time. 

Evan MillerSee us posted somewhere other than our own Instagram feed or website? Evan made sure of that. Leading the marketing and advertisement, Evan strategically picks product placement. Where, When, and How, are all questions Evan must answer on a daily basis to strategically enhance and widen our audience. Evan is 24 and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Finance, from the Kelley School of Business, one of the leading Universities in Entrepreneurship. Evan holds a full time positional in a regulatory agency, performing financial analysis here in Chicago.